WC in Hinzenbach: Kriznar wins the competition and the Alpenkrone

Nika Kriznar

Nika Kriznar became the winner of the Sunday FIS World Cup competition at the Aigner-Schanze (HS90) in Hinzenbach. The athlete from Slovenia showed jumps of 88.5 m and 92.5 m and triumphed in the Alpenkrone overall standings. Marita Kramer was second and Josephine Pagnier was third.

After the first round, Nika Kriznar was in the lead. The defender of the Crystal Globe achieved a distance of 88.5 meters and was ahead of the Swedish Frida Westman (88.5 m) and the French Josephine Pagnier (84.5 m). Abigail Strate (85 m) was fourth, Thea Minyan Bjoerseth (84 m) was fifth and Spela Rogelj (82 m) was sixth.

In the final, Nika Kriznar reached 92.5 meters and finally triumphed by 20.2 points over the second Marita Kramer. The World Cup leader advanced from the tenth position with a result of 91.5 meters. On the lowest step of the podium was Josephine Pagnier (85 m), ahead of Frida Westman (84 m), Sofia Tikhonova (87 m) and Spela Rogelj (81.5 m).

Nika Kriznar (701.0 points) became the winner of the Alpenkrone. The athlete from Slovenia gains 10,000 euros. Marita Kramer was second (684.3 points) and Lisa Eder finished third (638.3 points).

In the World Cup overall standings, Marita Kramer (995 points) is leading already with 254 points ahead of the second Nika Kriznar (741 points) and 294 points over the third Ursa Bogataj (701 points).

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