WC in Lillehammer: Takanashi’s 62nd victory

02.03.2022 - WC Lillehammer podium

Sara Takanashi won Wednesday’s Raw Air competition at Lysgaardsbakken (HS140) in Lillehammer. The Japanese star won the 62nd World Cup competition in her career with jumps of 130 m and 132 m. Nika Kriznar was second and Ursa Bogataj finished third.

Ursa Bogataj was in the lead after first competition series. The Olympic champion landed 135 meters ahead of Sara Takanashi (130 meters) by 3.9 points. Third was Nika Kriznar (133.5 m), fourth was Marita Kramer (129.5 m) and fifth was Spela Rogelj (122.5 m).

In the final, the highest step of the podium was attacked by Sara Takanashi. The Japanese reached 132 meters and achieved the 62nd World Cup victory in her career with an advantage of 6.4 points over the second Nika Kriznar (131.5 m) and 9.2 points. above the third Ursa Bogataj (125 m). Marita Kramer (125.5 m), Silje Opseth (133 m) and Yuki Ito (126 m) finished just behind the podium.

In FIS World Cup, Marita Kramer (1045 points) is confidently ahead of Nika Kriznar (821 points) and Ursa Bogataj (761 points).

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