WC in Lillehammer: Kramer takes the win

03.03.2022 - WC Lillehammer podium

Marita Kramer won Thursday’s Raw Air competition at the Lysgaardsbakken (HS140) in Lillehammer. The Austrian triumphed with jumps on 136 m and 125.5 m. The second place was taken by Nika Kriznar, who kept the lead in the Norwegian tournament, and the third place went to Ursa Bogataj.

The first competition round belonged to Marita Kramer. The World Cup leader rached 136 meters and at the halfway point of the competition in Lillehammer she was 2 points ahead of Nika Kriznar (134.5 m) and 5.7 points over Silje Opseth (133 m). Ursa Bogataj (132 m) was fourth ahead of Sara Takanashi (132 m).

In the final, Marita Kramer reached 125.5 meters and triumphed by one point over Nika Kriznar (126.5 m). The podium was completed by Ursa Bogataj (126.5 m), who turned out to be better than Sara Takanashi (117 m), Yuki Ito (114.5 m) and Thea Minyan Bjoerseth (128 m).

This Saturday, Marita Kramer (1145 points) will be able to secure the first Crystal Globe in her career. For now, the leader of the World Cup is ahead of the second Nika Kriznar by 244 points. Ursa Bogataj is third (821 points).

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