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Lindsey Van: "This is ski jumping"

Stefan Diaz /own source/
Lindsey Van celebrating her victory 2009 in Liberec
Lindsey Van celebrating her victory 2009 in Liberec /fot. Tadeusz Mieczyński/

Right before the beginning of the World Championships in Oslo, Ladies-Skijumping.com editor Stefan Diaz talked to defending champion Lindsey Van.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: Who will be World Champion in Oslo?
Lindsey Van: Ha well, it could be anybody - this is ski jumping.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: So you are not confident, that you will defend your title?
Lindsey Van: I am confident in my jumping, and I hope I can put two good jumps together, and then that will make me happy.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: For the first time ever, there will be prize money at Word Championships - and not just a tiny amount. Does this increase your motivation?
Lindsey Van: No, I have high motivation to jump well. The money for the winners will just be a cherry on top of the experience.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: Thousands of spectators are expected. Do they increase motivation, or do they just increase the pressure?
Lindsey Van: I think they will create a great atmosphere for the competition. I think it will be fun.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: The IOC will watch this world championships very careful. What do you think about the fact, that all seems to depend on just one competition?
Lindsey Van: I don't think it depends on one competition, but they are looking at the development over the years. If they look at the other sports they are considering I am sure ski jumping will stand out as a well developed competitive sport.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: So you are not worrying, that Ladies Skijumping will be in the Olympic program in Sochi??
Lindsey Van: I can't worry about that any more. I have done as much as I can as an athlete, and I think the sport will speak for itself.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: The men have not only one competition but four in these World Championships. So does a medal in the ladies competition have a higher value then one in the mens?
Lindsey Van: We have one chance so it is a very valuable thing to win. I hope in the future we will have more competitions and chances as well.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: Now let's change the topic a little. In some of the last competitions, you were accompanied by a camera team. What are these guys doing?
Lindsey Van: Bill Kerig is a film maker and he is making a movie on ski jumping, and the story up until now, following through the World Championships.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: The movie will be on TV or can we see it in the movie theater?
Lindsey Van: In the movie theater, it opens up in USA in September at some of the biggest theaters in Utah. I think he is also trying to get it on TV.

Ladies-Skijumping.com: What are your plans for the weeks after the World Championships?
Lindsey Van: When I come home from Worlds, I am going to San Francisco to donate bone marrow for someone who is dying with cancer. I found out I was a match in the fall. There are lost and lots of test to make sure you are the best donor for the patient, so I did 4 hours at the hospital this week doing their test, and now the date is planned.
Ladies-Skijumping.com: That sounds pretty tough. I keep my fingers crossed that this will turn out right, and I hope that you will achieve your goals in Oslo and that we will have a nice competition there. Thank you very much for the nice interview.

Stefan Diaz, Ladies-Skijumping.com/own source
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