Takanashi and Runggaldier best in first training


Elena Runggaldier and Sara Takanashi performed best in the first official training on the Midstubakken in Oslo.

A first official training for the World Championships was held today in Oslo. Not all of the 15 participating teams have arrived yet, but 27 of the 43 jumpers on the start list were already able to make their first jumps on the HS106.

Best in the three training rounds were Italy’s Elena Runggaldier and Japan’s Sara Takanashi. Runggaldier made the the longest jump of the day (105.5 m) in the third round, after jumping 98.5 and 93.5 m before. Takanashi jumped in a steady manner on 99.5, 97.0 and 99.0 meters.

Also America’s Jessica Jerome (91.5, 97.0 and 94.5), Italy’s Lisa Demetz (93.5, 87.5 and 98.0) and the Norwegians Anette Sagen (89.0, 93.0 and 98.5 m) and Maren Lundby (77.5, 95.5 and 87.5 m) jumped pretty far in at least one of the training rounds.

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