Lindsey Van: “This is ski jumping”


Right before the beginning of the World Championships in Oslo, editor Stefan Diaz talked to defending champion Lindsey Van. Who will be World Champion in Oslo?
Lindsey Van: Ha well, it could be anybody – this is ski jumping. So you are not confident, that you will defend your title?
Lindsey Van: I am confident in my jumping, and I hope I can put two good jumps together, and then that will make me happy. For the first time ever, there will be prize money at Word Championships – and not just a tiny amount. Does this increase your motivation?
Lindsey Van: No, I have high motivation to jump well. The money for the winners will just be a cherry on top of the experience. Thousands of spectators are expected. Do they increase motivation, or do they just increase the pressure?
Lindsey Van: I think they will create a great atmosphere for the competition. I think it will be fun. The IOC will watch this world championships very careful. What do you think about the fact, that all seems to depend on just one competition?
Lindsey Van: I don’t think it depends on one competition, but they are looking at the development over the years. If they look at the other sports they are considering I am sure ski jumping will stand out as a well developed competitive sport. So you are not worrying, that Ladies Skijumping will be in the Olympic program in Sochi??
Lindsey Van: I can’t worry about that any more. I have done as much as I can as an athlete, and I think the sport will speak for itself. The men have not only one competition but four in these World Championships. So does a medal in the ladies competition have a higher value then one in the mens?
Lindsey Van: We have one chance so it is a very valuable thing to win. I hope in the future we will have more competitions and chances as well. Now let’s change the topic a little. In some of the last competitions, you were accompanied by a camera team. What are these guys doing?
Lindsey Van: Bill Kerig is a film maker and he is making a movie on ski jumping, and the story up until now, following through the World Championships. The movie will be on TV or can we see it in the movie theater?
Lindsey Van: In the movie theater, it opens up in USA in September at some of the biggest theaters in Utah. I think he is also trying to get it on TV. What are your plans for the weeks after the World Championships?
Lindsey Van: When I come home from Worlds, I am going to San Francisco to donate bone marrow for someone who is dying with cancer. I found out I was a match in the fall. There are lost and lots of test to make sure you are the best donor for the patient, so I did 4 hours at the hospital this week doing their test, and now the date is planned. That sounds pretty tough. I keep my fingers crossed that this will turn out right, and I hope that you will achieve your goals in Oslo and that we will have a nice competition there. Thank you very much for the nice interview.