Ladies ski jumping in Russia is more and more popular


The sports camp In Chochlow is yet another project to promote Ladies Ski jumping in Russia.

The grouping, to start at the end of April, is aimed at the most skilled of Russian youth in groups of boys and girls.

The camp in Chochlow is the next, after the national team or the national ladies competition organization, step of our Eastern neighbors towards the development of Female Ski jumping.

Russia appeared on the arena of Ladies Ski jumping quite recently. It was only after the win of Soczi in the battle for the right to organizing the Winter Olympics 2014 in Summer, last year, that Russians included the discipline in their Nationa l Sports programme

Female Ski jumpers, however, have gained quite a group of enthusiasts and in the past few months a national female team was established, lead by Konstanty Shaitanow along with his wife Ludmila and the famous coach Borowitinow from Lower Nowogrod. In the near future Cholotow will become the centre of Olympics training and is planned to be laid with plastic this year so that the training sessions can take place all year round.

Among the most talented girls are Irina Taktajewa, who is about to make her first appearance on the international arena during the approaching Ladies Continental Cup. Apart from Taktajewa, Russia will also be represented by Maria Zotowa and Ksenia Czarnienowska from Orenburg.

The coaches anticipate high places to be taken by young Russians. They do, however, realize that to achieve this is not an easy task, since the girls have largely jumped on small objects. The ladies so far only have the opportunity to gain experience in national competitions. Lately, after receiving a special permission from Vladimir Slavski, the jumpers have participated in the Russian Nationa Cup along with men. The results? Extraordinary performance and multiple commendations from the trainers.

After her first appearance on the international arena, Irina Taktajewa will make her fight for the title of Russian champion in Ski jumping in Junior category. In the last year, the competitor from Chocholow took second place and the lowest step of the podium was taken by another Permian representative – Djaczkowa.

12-year old Victoria Vaskina from Perm, who already has many successes on her account( winner of Four Hill Competition, not to be mistaken with the international competitions taking place in German and Austria), is also designated as the most talented of girls by the coaches.

Despite the many talents of Russian girls, the biggest problem is still the lack of funding for the development of Ski jumping. The discipline itself is very expensive and most of the costs of equipment and training must still be covered by the competitors’ parents. Not all, however, can afford so big an expense.