has launched


We are happy to announce that today – the new website about ladies ski jumping – has officially launched.

The site is intended as the response to the rapid developement of the ladies ski jumping worldwide. It’s aim is to become the first international site covering all the aspects of this exciting discipline.

The mission of the is also to help to promote this sport and support women in their fight to be treated seriously by FIS and the International Olympic Comitee.

Right now the website still needs a lot of work, before it will become a complete source of ladies ski jumping news and information. What we can recommend already today is:
– rich picture gallery in the multimedia section
– chat, where all the ladies ski jumping fans can talk freely live online
– newsletter – you can receive a daily update on what’s new on the site
– interviews with Lindsey Van and Juliane Seyfarth
– history of ladies ski jumping
– detail competitors’ statistics from the past seasons
– bios of athletes (not all may be as yet updated)
– results of competitions from the last three years with statistics
– callendars for the coming season
– updated daily news section with a comments feature

Please note, there still may be some technical problems or mistakes on the website. If you find anything that needs to be fixed, corrected or updated, we would be grateful for emailing us at

We also encourage everybody to engage themselves in the running of the site. Therefore we would appreciate sending us pictures from the competitions, interesting news or suggestions on how to make this website better.