Strong Slovenian team for the 2008/2009 season


A strong ladies ski jumping team has been nominated by Slovenian Ski Association. The national team for the season 2008/2009 consists of five girls.

Maja Vti─Ź, Eva Logar, Anja Tepe┼í, Manja Pograjc and Katja Po┼żun will be coached by Primoz Rychl (head coach) and his asistants – Damjan Semrl and Zvone Pograjc.

Slovenians decided also to nominate the two person “perspective team”. In this team, coached by Andrej Lesnik, are going to train Spela Rogelj and Barbara Klinec.

Team A:

Maja Vti─Ź

Eva Logar

Anja Tepeš

Manja Pograjc

Katja Po┼żun

Perspective team:

Špela Rogelj

Barbara Klinec