The Swiss team began preparations for the season


The Swiss ladies ski jumping team has already started the preparations for the coming season.

The first training camp of the Swiss girls was held in Gibswil, on a small hill. In the trainings participated Bigna Windmueller, Sabina Windmueller, Salome Fuchs and Malika Schuepbach.

In July coach Pipo Schoedler plans a intensive trainings, first in Hinterzarten then in Pragelato. The goal for the girls for the summer will be good performance in the COC competitions.

“The goals for the summer competitons are more or less the same as in the past. Top ten results for all four girls in the Continental Cups. I also have my own goals, but I want to keep them secret” – says coach Schoedler.

“Who is in the best shape right now? Difficult to say, it changes in each training and once this girl in front and in the next training another girl. We will see how good are they in the first competitions” – adds the Swiss coach.