Slovenians dominated the FIS Ladies Tournee in Kisovec


Last weekend the FIS Ladies Tournee in Kisovec was held on the K-25 and K-50 hills. In the competition in four categories over 50 girls started. All the first prizes went to Slovenians.

Among the youngest jumpers (1998 and younger) the winner was Ema Klinec. In the 1995-96 category the best was Anja Javorsek and among the girl born in the year 1994 (or younger) won Manja Pograjc.

In the open category, definitely the best was Maja Vtic, who jumped twice on 51,5 meter. Second place went to Anja Tepes, who was jumping with a broken finger (47,5 and 48m), and the third place took Vladka Pustkova (46 and 46,5m).

Photos from this event will follow soon.

1998 and younger; K-25 (5 competitors)

1. Ema Klinec

1995-96; K-25 (12 competitors)

1. Anja Javorsek

1994 and younger; K-50 (16 competitors)

1. Manja POGRAJC z SK Zagorje (225 b., 50,5+49,5 m),

2. ROGELJ Špela z SSK Ilirija (212,3 b., 48+48 m)

3. Barbara KLINEC z SSK Alpina (199,6 b., 45,5+46,5 m).

OPEN; K-50

1. Maja VTIČ z ŠD Zabrdje *88 s 232,4 pkt.( 51,5m; 51,5 m)

2. Anja TEPEŠ ŠD Dolomiti *91 (207,9 b., 47,5+48 m)

3. Vlaďka PUSTKOVA z TJ Sokol Kozlovice *92 (199,5 b., 46+46,5 m)