Lindsey Van masters wind and weather


Todays Continental Cup competition was brought forward to 10:00 A.M. as the weather forecast reported wind and snowfall in the afternoon for Baiersbronn.

There was no trial round held and the competition started immediately. In the first round there was already some wind that changed its direction permanently. So some jumpers were able to benefit from upwind, others had to fight descending wind. Daniela Iraschko (AUT), winner of the last three competitions, was lucky to have good conditions and used them to set the competitions longest jump to 93.5 m. Second was Magdalena Schnurr (GER) and third Anette Sagen (NOR).

As there were no equal conditions in the first round already, the second round was completely scattered to the four winds. At first there was only low wind and some jumpers were able to improve their position. But in the mid of the round it winds got stronger and at the same time it began to snow. Because of the wind there were some breaks between the last jumpers, so the inrun got slower and slower due to the snow. Line Jahr (NOR) and Lindsey Van (USA) , placed 7th and 8th after the first round, still had a pretty fast inrun and were able to set themselves on the first positions. Later on Sagen had a good jump and placed in-between on the second rank. After being hit by a wind gust Schnurr prevented a serious fall by acting in the right way in the air. Before Iraschko, the last one still on top of the hill, was able to do her jump, she had to wait a few minutes for calm conditions. Some trial-jumpers in the meantime were insufficient to prevent the inrun becoming totally slow. So she had no chance and jumped only 65.0 m, witch was just the 12th place. That’s not okay. That’s a bad joke. They must be crazy, she agitated in the outrun.

After the jump the jury and coaches held a long meeting to discuss, if it is possible to cancel the final round. As the rules say, that a round where all jumpers started always counts, it was not possible to do so. I’ts like always in Baiersbronn. Fair conditions in the official trainings and then such a crap in the competition, said Anna Häfele (GER) about the weather conditions. Van is now leading the COC’s overall standings, Ulrike Gräßler (GER) and Häfele are second and third.

The next competition will be held on Wednesday in Toblach/Dobbiaco (ITA). Some teams, such as the Germans, will only send younger athletes there, as the established jumpers do not want to disturb their preparations for the World Championships by jumping on a small hill. We are going to present ourselves there in a good shape, promises Stefan Pieper, coach of the German B-Team. Pieper was happy, that Franziska Schubert and Lea Wallewein, both athletes coached by him, were able to gain their first Continentalcup’s points. This shows that good work is done in the local skiing clubs, he states.

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