Graessler wins in Bischofsgruen


Ulrike Grässler won the first Continental Cup competition in Bischofsgrün. Second is Bigna Windmüller, third is Caroline Espiau.

The whole competition was held under warm and sticky weather conditions, the sun did show up just sparse. The wind changed constantly from calm to slight upwind. Sadly only few people went to see the competition, as a lot of other events were nearby the same day.

In the first round of the competition Bigna Windmüller (SUI) was able to place on the first position. Her 67.0 m jump was even one meter shorter than the one of second placed after the round Ulrike Grässler (GER), who got lower judges points. Third after the round was Caroline Espiau with a 66.0 m jump. Last years winner Magdalena Schnurr was able to do a 66.5 m jump, but fell at the landing so she only was 26th after the round. Luckily she did not injure herself when falling.

The second round produced some discordance among jumpers and many of the organizers when Americas Nina Lussi was disqualified for being too late at the start. As it was clearly proven that this was not her own fault but a mistake by some organizer, she was allowed to jump subsequently after the last starter of the round. Finally she made it to the 27th place. It was a short moment of shock for all some minutes later when Nita Eglund (USA) crashed on the hill at 47 meters, presumably due to a mistake in her flying position. Everybody was happy when she was able to stand up some seconds later. It looks like that, except for some abrasions, nothing happened to her.

While it was pretty clear after the jumps, that Espiau was able to keep her third rank, it got a little bit enthralling to know who is first. As this time Windmüller jumped a half meter longer then Grässler many believed at first she had won. But when the judges points were announced, it was clear that Grässler is the winner. It is always nice when you win, she said. But tomorrow is a new day and a new game. We will see who will win then.

Good weather, nice jumps, I liked it here, said second ranked Windmüller, while Espiau found some grateful words for the organizers: Everybody here is fantastic, the people here give a lot of support to us, so I like it a lot.

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