Bigna Windmueller is the Swiss Champion


As it could be expected, Bigna Windmueller took the gold medal in the Swiss National Championships that were held last weekend. Bigna jumped 111 and 107 meters and had a big advantage over her sister Sabrina, who came second (109 and 98,5m).

Third place took Salome Fuchs with the jumps of 99,5 and 95 meters.

There were only three girls on the starting list.

1. Bigna Windmueller   111,0m i 107,0m (225,9 pkt.)
2. Sabrina Windmueller 109,0m i 98,5m  (218,5 pkt.)
3. Salome Fuchs         99,5m i 95,0m  (192,6 pkt.)