Lisa Demetz is the Italian Champion


Lisa Demetz won the Italian Championships that were held in Predazzo (HS 106) last weekend. Demetz had jumps of 91,5 and 94,5 meters which have her a 7 point advantage ahead of Roberta D’Agostina and Elena Runggaldier who both came 2nd.

D’Agostina jumped 91,5 and 94,5 meters and had a better total distance than Runggaldier, but got lower style marks and ended up sharing the 2nd position with Elena.

4th place took Barbara Stuffer (83,5 and 85m) and fith was Simon Senoner (72 and 79m).

National Championships in Italy, HS 106:

1. Lisa Demetz         92,0m ; 95,5m (220,0 pts.)
2. Roberta D'Agostina  91,5m ; 94,5m (213,0 pts.)
2. Elena Runggaldier   91,5m ; 92,5m (213,0 pts.)
4. Barbara Stuffer     83,5m ; 85,0m (168,0 pts.)
5. Simona Senoner      72,0m ; 79,0m (136,0 pts.)
6. Veronica Gianmoena  67,0m ; 69,5m ( 95,5 pts.)