Carina Vogt wins in Baiersbronn


Carina Vogt surprisingly won the first competition of the 2010 Ladies Winter Tour in Baiersbronn.

A lot of fresh-fallen snow was on the jumping hill in Baiersbronn that morning, after there was a lot of snowfall in the night. So it was hard work for the organizers to get the hill prepared in time for the official training round. The training round finally started half an hour later. Even though a lot of helpers did their best to prepare the hill, there was still too much snow on it and four jumpers fell after landig. While Sabrina Windmüller (SUI) was able to start in the competition, Italians Simona Senoner and Evelyn Insam had to withdraw from the competition. Norway’s Silje Sprakehaug even had to go to the hospital because she had a cut in her lip. It is still unclear, if she is able to compete tomorrow. Because of these falls, the second training round was cancelled and the organizers used the time to remove the snow from the landing hill. The official training’s longest jump was set by Line Jahr (NOR 97.0 m).

In the first competition round there were a lot of very long jumps. Bad luck had Germany’s Ulrike Grässler, who was not able to land her 94.0 m jump properly and got very low judges points for it. It was only the seventh round rank for her. Also Daniela Iraschko (AUT), serial winner of the last competitions in Norway, also got low judges marks for her 91.5 m jump. “The inrun was simply too long in that round, a lot of jumpers had to break their jumps off,” she explained to Carina Vogt (GER) jumped the same distance as her team-mate Gräßler, and was, also due to judges points, on a shared second rank with Jahr, who jumped two meters less. “When taking off I already had the feeling, that it will be a long jump,” she said to Leader after the first round was Anette Sagen (NOR) who jumped 93.5m and got high judges points for it.

The second round was started with a shorter inrun. A 88.5 m jump was enough for Vogt to claim victory. Iraschko was able to jump from five to two with the round’s longest jump (91.0 m). Sagen finally took the third rank, jumping 85.5 m in the second round. Jahr placed fourth (92.0 and 84.0 m), fifth place was taken by Elena Runggaldier (ITA, 85.5 and 84.5 m). Sixt is Alissa Johnsson (USA; 86.5 and 84.0 m).

“It is simply unbeliveable,” Vogt said to It is her first win in a in a Continental Cup ever. Vogt took the second place at the German Championships in the last summer, but was not in the German squad for the last Continental Cups in Northern Europe. “I am not dissapointed at all, my second jump was really good, and I really grant Carina that victory,” said Iraschko who was beaten after four wins in a row.

Bad luck had the Russian team. As they failed to sign for the competition within the time limit, they were not allowed to compete and just jumped in the official training. But they will be able to start tomorrow. The only Finish competitor, Julia Kykkänen, was lucky that her Skis, that got lost on the flight to Germany, were delivered just in time ahead of the trial round.

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