Iraschko wins second competition in Baiersbronn


Daniela Iraschko wins ahead of Anette Sagen and Ulrike Gräßler.

There was nice and sunny weather that morning in Baiersbronn and some hundred spactators came to watch today’s second competition of the 2010 Ladies Winter Tournee.

Daniela Iraschko (AUT) won the competition ahead of Anette Sagen (NOR) and Ulrike Grässler (GER). Iraschko clearly set the longest distance in both competition rounds (95.0 and 88.0 m). Sagen and Grässler both jumped 93.5 m in the first round and shared the second round rank with equal points. Although Grässler’s jump in the second round (87.5 m) was longer then Sagen’s (86.5), the Norwegian claimed the second place, as she got higher judges points then her opponent. Norway’s Line Jahr (88.0 and 85.0 m) placed fourth, America’s Jessica Jerome (85.0 and 81.0 m) fifth. It was a good result for the entire German team, as Melanie Faisst (83.5 and 81.5 m), Magdlena Schnurr (81.0 and 82.5 m) and yesterday’s winner Carina Vogt (84.5 and 81.0 m), who was wearing the golden jersey of the Winter Tournee’s leader today, took ranks six to eight.

During the second round some slight snowfall set in, but it was not strong enough to influence the competition. Today’s winner Iraschko said to “It was a relaxed competition. And it was the first time in 12 years, that we had two days with stable weather conditions here in Baiersbronn.” Italian Barbara Stuffer fell when landing her first round jump, but luckily she was not hurt.

With 498.0 points Iraschko is now in the lead of the Ladies Winter Tournee, ahead of Sagen (486.5 points) and Jahr (468.5 points). Grässler (468.0 points) and Vogt (456.5 points) follow on ranks four and five. Also in the overall Continental Cup Iraschko is still in the lead (684 points), second is Sagen (580 points), third Grässler (552 points).

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