Friday’s competition cancelled due to strong winds


Two official training rounds were held in Braunlage. The additional competition on Friday afternoon was cancelled.

The additionally arranged competition this afternoon in Braunlage was cancelled due to strong winds. But it was possible to hold two official training rounds in the morning. There was strong upwind during both rounds and especially in the second round a lot of breaks had to be taken. Air temperature was frosty and fog and snow were disturbing sight.

Once again Daniela Iraschko jumped the longest distance in both training rounds (twice 90.0 m). Also Ulrike Grässler (GER, 88.5 and 86.5 m), Line Jahr (NOR, 83.5. and 87.0 m) and Juliane Seyfarth (GER, 78.5 and 87.5 m) were able to jump close to the K-point. In the first training round Switzerland’s Sabrina Windmüller crashed onto the hill at 40 meters, but happily she was not injured at all. Anyhow she and her coach Pipo Schödler decided to skip the second training round.

According to the local weather forecast it might be possible, that wind will be low tomorrow morning. So there will be a new try to have a competition, without trial round, on Saturday at 10 A.M.