Daniela Iraschko wins also on Sunday in Ljubno


Austria’s Daniela Iraschko won also Sunday’s competition in Ljubno. Like yesterday Ulrike Grässler (GER) and Anette Sagen (NOR) took ranks two and three.

In the first round Iraschko jumped 89.5 m, the longest distance in that competition. Behind her was the newly minted Junior World Champion Elena Runggaldier (ITA, 86.0 m). Grässler took the third round rank (85.0 m), Sagen placed fourth (84.0 m). Fifth rank was shared by Slovenia’s Eva Logar and Coline Mattel (FRA); both jumped 81.5 m.

As it began to snow, the second round was restarted after some jumpers with a longer inrun. In that final round a jump on 82.5 m was enough for Iraschko to claim victory. It’s Iraschkos fifth win in a row in the Continental Cup. Grässler took the second rank (86.5 m). She only got low judged points for her jump, but in terms of figures that did not affect the competition’s result at all. Sagen placed third, ahead of Mattel (81.5 m both). Runggaldier fell back to the fifth rank, as she only jumped 77.5 m in that second round. Logar finally took the sixth rank (75.5 m).

In the Continental Cup’s overall standings Iraschko has now 1.084 points. Second ranked Sagen has 820 points. On the third place is Grässler (807 points).

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