Equal conditions at official training in Villach


Daniela Iraschko performed most stable, while Coline Mattel set the longest distance. Long jumps also by Johnson, Runggaldier, Kanai and Grässler.

There were totally equal weather conditions at the official training in Villach for tomorrow’s Continental Cup competition, as there was no wind at all.

A jump on 92.5 meters in the second training round by Coline Mattel (FRA) was the longest of the entire training. In the first round she already had jumped on 86.0 meters. Despite Mattel had the longest jump, Austria’s Daniela Iraschko performed best of all. With two stable jumps on 92.0 and 91.0 meters she once again has given prove for her extraordinary form in that winter. At her second jump she even had two gates less inrun then Mattel.

Germany’s Ulrike Grässler jumped very stable on 88.0 (second round rank) and 88.5 meters. Slightley behind her was Anette Sagen (NOR, 88.0 and 88.5 m). America’s Alissa Johnson had a very good jump on 90.5 meters in the second round, after jumping only 82.0 m in the first. Also Elena Runggaldier (ITA) had a fine jump in the second round on 89.5 m, after just 82.0 m in the first round.

Rieko Kanai’s (JPN) 87.0 meters were the third longest distance of the first training round, but in the second round she only jumped on 84.0 meters. Also her team-mate Ayumi Watase had a good jump in the first round (86.5 m) and fell back with her second jump.