Anna Rupprecht is German Champion


Anna Rupprecht wins Championships in Oberhof ahead of Ulrike Grässler and Melanie Faisst.

The competition was held on the HS69 in Oberhof, as the normal hill (K90) there is currently damaged and cannot be used for competitions.

Anna Rupprecht from Degenfeld was able to take victory with jumps on 68,0 and 72,5 meters. Rupprecht is only 13 years old, but her win was not totally surprising at all. In the the last winter she has already proven that she is able to keep pace with older and more experienced athletes. She took a ninth rank in January at the CoC in Schonach and won the OPA-Games in Eisenerz.

Ulrike Grässler (69,0 and 70,5 m) won the silver medal ahead of Melanie Faisst (71,5 and 69,5 m). Fourth rank took Juliane Seyfarth (66,5 and 66,5 m) ahead of Anna Häfele (65,0 and 66,0 m) and Jenna Mohr (65,5 and 64,0 m).

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