Double victory for Van at U.S. Championships


Lindsey Van won both competitions of the U.S. National Championships in Park City.

In Saturday’s normal hill competition, Van set the longest distance in both competition rounds with jumps on 91.5 and 92.0 meters. Second rank took Sarah Hendrickson (88.5 and 89.5 m) ahead of Abby Hughes (88.0 and 90.0 m). Alissa Johnson (88.5 and 88.0 m), Jessica Jerome (88.5 and 86.0 m) and Nita Englund (89.5 and 85.0 m) took places four to six.

On Sunday Van won also the large hill competition. Jumps on 115.5 and 124.5 were sufficient for her to be victorious. Jerome (119.0 and 118.0 m) and Hendrickson (115.0 and 116.5 m) took the second and third rank. Johnson (115.5 and 111.0 m) finished fourth, ahead of Hughes (111.0 and 114.5 m) and Englund (106.5 and 112.5 m).

Her second win of the weekend is Van’s 15th title at U.S. National Championships in total.


Full results can be found here:

Large hill competition

Normal hill competition