Summer Continental Cup starts in Bischofsgruen


Bischofsgrün hosts that summer’s first Continental Cup of. 60 jumpers from 12 countries have signed for the competitions there.

The Ladies Summer Continental Cup 2010 will be kicked off this weekend in Bischofsgrün (GER). Official training and first competition will be held on Saturday, a second competition on Sunday.

Bischofsgrün in the Fichtelgebirge mountains will once more back the competitions by a great supporting programme and a celebration on the central square. To be family-friendly admission to the competitions is free for Children up to 11 years.

60 jumpers from 12 countries have signed for the competitions. The largest team with almost 20 competitors is nominated by the hosting nation Germany. Among them is also Ulrike Grässler, overall winner of last years Summer Continental Cup.

Austria and Italy will also show up with fairly large teams. There will also be a vast number of non-European competitors, as the United States and Japan send four jumpers each.

For the first time ever a Romanian team will be participating in the Ladies CoC. With Denisa Torok and Dana Haralambie two Romanian jumpers signed for Bischofsgrün.

Unfortunately there won’t be any participants from Scandinavia, as the Norwegian team decided to skip Bischofsgrün and enter into the CoC in Oberwiesenthal next week. The only Finish competitor Julia Kykkänen will not start, as she was not able to train in July due to a knee injury and is not in a good form.


No Continental Cup in Pöhla that year

This summer’s Continental Cup consists of 11 competitions held at 6 places. Besides Bischofsgrün these are Oberwiesenthal (GER), Lillehammer (NOR), Oslo (NOR), Falun (SWE) and Liberec (CZE). German venue Pöhla, Continental Cup host for many years, is not in the calendar anymore, as the HS66 jumping hill there has become to small for international A-level competitions. But nevertheless a FIS-competition, out of the CoC-ranking, will be held there next Wednesday. It will be attended by many teams to bridge the time gap between Bischofsgrün and Oberwiesenthal.