Iraschko wins in Oslo at windy conditions


Daniela Iraschko won Saturday’s competition in Oslo. Coline Mattel and Jaqueline Seifriedsberger took second and third rank.

Today’s competition on the new Midstubakken in Oslo was totally influenced by unstable wind conditions. Already during the trial round a lot of breaks had to be taken and inrun length was changed more then once. The first round was restarted and postponed three times, then it was finally possible to go through with a round. Both competition rounds had to be interrupted several times, as winds were too strong. In total the competition lasted over four hours. Despite a lot of breaks were taken, equal conditions were not given for all jumpers.

Austria’s Daniela Iraschko was finally able to win the competition. But she had a strange type of luck in the first round. Most of of the competitors jumping right before her, had about 1 m/s tailwind. Just in the moment, when Iraschko was accelerating on the inrun, suddenly a good breeze of upwind (2.3 m/s) came up on the hill. Also without the wind, her jump had been good enough to take a leading position. But with this tremendous headwind she jumped down to 114.5 meters. Of course she was unable to stand that jump and fell when landing. Despite she hurt herself at that crash, she was able to stand up again and participate in the second round.

“These were totally difficult conditions today. I think one can stand a jump at this distance, but not when you come down from such a great hight,” she said about that jump. Despite she lost lots of judges points due to the fall, she still got so many distance points for it, that she was able to lead by 3.5 points ahead of Coline Mattel (FRA) after the round. In the second round she had also tailwind and jumped on 93.5 meters. That was also the longest jump of this round. “I hope the wind will not influence the competitions of the World Championships here. This hill is tough to jump, if there is tailwind,” Iraschko said about the competition.

Second rank took Coline Mattel (FRA). In both competition rounds she was second behind Irascko (101.0 and 93.0 m). “Daniela is really amazing, but for sure I would like to beat her. I will try to do better tomorrow. But I am happy with today’s result. I think this is a good hill for World Championships,” she said to

Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT) finished third with two jumps on 95.5 and 92.0 meters. “The first jump was not perfect. I was too late, actually totally too late. But I managed to make the best out of it. I can be happy with the result,” she said to

Fourth and fifth rank was taken by Americans. Jessica Jerome finished fourth (92.5 and 88.0 m), her team-mate Lindsey Van took the fifth rank (89.0 and 88.5 m). Japan’s Sara Takanashi took the sixth place (91.5 and 85.0 m).

In the overall Summer Continental Cup Mattel is still on the first position (424 points), second is Seifriesberger (340 points). Iraschko has now 300 points and takes the third position.

The next CoC competition is tomorrow at 13:00h local time, also here in Oslo.

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