Iraschko wins also on Sunday in Oslo


At Iraschko’s victory in Oslo, the new rules with wind compensation were tested. Mattel and Seyfarth take second and third rank.

After the complicated wind conditions at yesterday’s competition, it was decided on short hand to use the new rules with wind compensation and variable inrun length for today’s Continental Cup. This was possible, as the required wind measurement system is installed at the Midstubakken anyway. It was the first time, these rules were ever tested in a Ladies Continental Cup competition. Normally they are only used at the World Cup. The new rules will also be used at next year’s World Championships, here in Oslo. Despite of the new rule, wind was way calmer then yesterday, so there was really a nice and enjoyable competition today.

Like yesterday, Austria’s Daniela Iraschko was able to clearly win the competition. It is her fourth victory in a row in this summer CoC. In both rounds, the inrun was shortened by one gate right before her jump. Nevertheless she was able to set the longest distance in both rounds (104.0 and 106.0 m). “I think it is good, how they used the new rule. There was a little more headwind before my jumps, so they shortened inrun. It would have been wrong to use it in a way, that weaker jumpers get a longer distance, but here it worked perfect. When you take a look at the result list, you can see, that wind really has a big influence on the competition,” she said to

Second rank took Coline Mattel from France. After the first round (100.0 m) she was still on the third rank, behind Iraschko and Germany’s Juliane Seyfarth. A jump on 99.5 m in the second round allowed her to overtake Seyfarth, but was not enough to catch up to Iraschko.

With jumps on 103.5 and 95.0 meters, Seyfarth finally took the third rank. At the last Continental Cup’s, she was always among the best athletes in official trainings, but was unable to perform good also in the competitions. Yesterday she even did not see the second round.

“I feel totally relieved, that I was able to jump well in a competition. It were always only small mistakes I made, but they had a large impact,” she said to

Fourth rank took America’s Jessica Jerome (100.5 and 92.5 m) ahead of Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT, 94.5 and 93.0 m). Sixth finished Germany’s Melanie Faisst, who twice jumped on 97.0 meters.

In the overall Continental Cup, Mattel is still in the lead (503 points). Iraschko is second (400 points) and Seifriedsberger third (386 points).

The next Ladies Continental Cup competitions will be held on the next weekend in Falun.

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