Salome Fuchs: I achieved some big improvements


In June Switzerland’s Salome Fuchs tore her left knee’s ACL. Now editor Stefan Diaz talked to her about the recovery process. How is the recovery of your knee going?

Salome Fuchs: Well, after the second surgery everything just went very slowly. I had a lot of problems at first, the knee was aching and always swollen. But in the meantime everything is progressing very well. Especially in the last two weeks I achieved some big improvements. Is there already a plan, when you can start jumping again?

Salome Fuchs: Not definitely. It is planned for January, but we have to see if that works. Are you able to do some training units to stay in a good form, or do you still have to rest completely?

Salome Fuchs: No, I restarted my training already some time ago. I was unable to do much at first, but now I am gaining form and exercise every day. So do you think that you will be able to attack fully in January or do you have to catch up first?

Salome Fuchs: For sure I lost a lot of jumping power, but I think I should be able to do some jumps. But I know that I will only jump when I’m 100% fit physically. To be honest, it is more the mental side that needs to catch up a little. So self-confidence is the first thing you need to regain when you are able to jump again?

Salome Fuchs: Yes, I think I will work with a sports psychologist if it is necessary by that time. In addition to your to your torn ACL you also injured your meniscus some weeks ago. How far did that throw you back in addition?

Salome Fuchs: It’s hard to say. But I think maybe one month. World Championships will be relatively late in the season. Are you optimistic that you can be in a competitive form by then?

Salome Fuchs: Haha. Well, it was my goal over the years not just to take part in the Championships but do two reasonable jumps there. But now that all has changed. I will be happy, if I am at least able to compete in some Continental Cups. But if I travel to the World Championships then it will be a proof that Salome Fuchs has hit into form again. But in fact I’ll also be content if I’ll only be able to watch this spectacle just on TV. Thanks you and I wish you good luck!