Lovely illumination of the hill in Brotterode


As part of the supporting programme of this weekend’s CoC, the hill in Brotterode was illuminated by several bonfires.

A really great supporting programme for the Continental Cup was organized here in Brotterode on Friday evening. Children and pupils from the city made a torchlight procession to the hill. With the fire they brought, a handful of bonfires were set on fire to illuminate the hill. Some hundred spectators watched young local sportspeople carrying the fire to the top of the hill, while a tenor was singing. The foggy weather did not disturb this illumination at all – in fact it made it even more atmospheric.

After this illumination, the crowd moved to a big party tent nearby, where the local marching band was playing. There a team presentation was held, in which all national teams were introduced to the audience. It was pretty nice, that the Ladies and Mens Teams of one nation were presented together and not separate. After this, junior jumpers from Brotterode delivered the starting bibs for tomorrow to the best 15 jumpers of the Ladies and Mens CoC.