Iraschko wins in Brotterode


Daniela Iraschko won in Brotterode ahead of Coline Mattel and Lisa Demetz. Due to bad weather conditions, only one competition round was held.

There was only one competition round held in Brotterode today. The second round was cancelled after only three jumpers, because wind was too strong. In the morning, already the trial round was cancelled in order to protect the inrun track, as temperatures are clearly above 0° C today. “The organizers here in Germany are all doing a good job. But it looks like the weather here is under a curse,” said Austria’s Daniela Iraschko, who won the competition. The windy weather conditions also scared away some spectators, so “only” about 2000 made it to the hill. The organizers have had actually the hope, to attract 5000 people.

Once more Iraschko’s toughest adversary was Coline Mattel (FRA), but finally 118.0 meters by Iraschko were enough to beat Mattel, who had a jump on 115.0 m. “This hill has approximately the size of the one in Oslo. So winning here is a good sign for the World Championships,” Iraschko said about her victory. Also Mattel declared herself satisfied with the hill: “I don’t think that it is more difficult to jump on a large hill. I can handle it easily. So I would love it to have competitions on hills like this more often – or even on K120. But I think some people would not like this,” she said to

Third came Italy’s Lisa Demetz, who got pretty high judges points for her 110.0 meter jump. For her it is the first time in two years to make it to the podium at a CoC. “I am totally happy with this result. It was the first Continental Cup in this year for me and I am happy, that Simona helped me that there was no second round,” she said to

Germany’s Ulrike Grässler took the fourth rank with a jump on 112.5 meters. Her team-mate Juliane Seyfarth, who is living only a few kilometers away from Brotterode, was equal on points with with Slovenia’s Eva Logar and shared the fifth rank with her. They both jumped 108.0 meters. Germany was clearly the best team of the day, as not only Grässler and Seyfarth made it to the top 6, but also Melanie Faisst and Anna Häfele on ranks eight and ten had very good results.

By this victory Iraschko has extended her lead in the overall Continental Cup. She has now 1300 poins. Runner-up Mattel has 820. Third is still America’s Jessica Jerome, who was not competing in Brotterode (598 points).

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