Iraschko wins also on Sunday


Daniela Iraschko won the second Continental Cup in Brotterode on Sunday ahead of Coline Mattel and Melanie Faisst.

Like yesterday, there were difficult weather conditions at the Continental Cup here in Brotterode. But unlike yesterday it was possible to hold a regular competition, with two competition jumps. Nevertheless it was quite hard to jump, as the wind conditions were very unsteady. Before the mens Continental Cup, that was held here in the morning, was cancelled after one competition round, as wind was to stronng.

Daniela Iraschko (AUT) won the competition hands down with a pair of jumps on 109.5 and 117.0 meters. “I had two really good jumps, despite the bad conditions. So it was nice for me today,” she said to Coline Mattel from France took the second place with jumps on 100.0 and 111.5 meters. “I was on the fifth place after the first round, but my second jump was very good. So I am happy with this second place,” she said at the press conference. Germany’s Melanie Faisst came third with two jumps on 107.0 and 102.5 meters. “This is my fourth third place in this season. I hope that I can take a different podium place – and not always the third – in the future,” she said.

Fourth came Japan’s Yuki Ito (106.5 and 98.0 m), fifth Slovenia’s Eva Logar (101.5 and 98.5 m). A little surprising, Austria’s Cornelia Roider, who did not even score points yesterday, came sixth (97.5 and 96.5 m). It is so far the best result in her career. For the dismay of the audience, Germany’s Juliane Seyfarth, who is living just a few kilometers away from Brotterode, was disqualified, as well as France’s Julia Clair.

Despite the bad weather conditions, again about 2000 spectators made it to the hill and really made a lot of noise to encourage the jumpers. “To win in front of such a great audience makes it double fun,” said winner Iraschko at the press conference. Also third ranked Faisst was happy because of the audience: “The atmosphere is gigantic, the people are great. I guess this is the CoC with the most spectators ever.”

In the overall Continental Cup Iraschko has now 1400 points, second ranked Mattel has 900. As the competitions in Hakuba were cancelled, there are only six more competitions this winter. This means, that Iraschko has the chance, to win the overall Cup prematurely already on the next Weekend, when the CoC continues in Zakopane.

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