Ramsau: Takanashi best in official training


Japan’s Sara Takanashi was best in the official training in Ramsau on Friday evening.

On Friday evening an official training for this weekend’s Continental Cups was held in Ramsau. Wind was low all time and the slight snowfall did not disturb the training at all. Japan’s Sara Takanashi performed best, her jumps on 93.0 and 94.5 meters were clearly the longest ones of the day. Also Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger had a very consistent pair of jumps on 88.5 and 88.0 meters.

Germany’s Melanie Faisst, who is best-ranked in the overall CoC of all jumpers present, had also two good jumps on 88.0 and 90.5 meters. As her team-mates Ulrike Grässler (85.5 and 87.0) and Anna Häfele (86.0 and 86.5) were among the best jumpers of this training too, we can expect a good result of the German team this weekend. Remarkably Norway’s Anette Sagen, who struggled to keep pace with the best ones all winter, was also under the best six of this training (84.5 and 86.5 m).

Blessing in disguise had Michaela Rajnochova (CZE), who made her debut in the Continental Cup last week in Zakopane. She lost control over her right ski in the second round and thus fell. Luckily she was immediately able to stand up again and did not suffer any severe injuries.

Iraschko’s injury worse then thought

Overall Continental Cup leader Daniela Iraschko (AUT) is not participating in the competitions here in Ramsau. The knee injury she had suffered on the last weekend in Zakopane seems to be worse then thought. Currently she is not able to stretch and bend her knee fully and so is unable to jump at all. Nevertheless her therapy seem so run fine, so the Austrian coaches are quite hopeful, that eventually she will be able to compete at the World Championships in Oslo next week.

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