Sara Takanashi wins in Ramsau


Sara Takanashi won Saturday’s competition in Ramsau ahead of Ulrike Grässler and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger.

Japan’s Sara Takanashi, who was already best in yesterday’s official training, was able to celebrate her first victory ever in a Continental Cup today. After jumping 88.5 meters in the first round, she was second, equal on points with Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger. Her second jump on 93.0 meters allowed her to overtake Germany’s Ulrike Grässler, who was still leading after the first part. “Now I have a really good feeling for the World Championships,” she said with a smile. Grässler (89.0 and 90.5 m) finally came second, Seifriedsberger (88.5 and 89.5 m) third.

Grässler’s second rank clearly confirmed the upswing she has shown already since the competitions in Brotterode two weeks ago. “My training was oriented towards the World Championships. I am happy that I came second today, but of course I know that many of the best jumpers, such as Coline or Danie, were missing today,” she said. Also Seifriedsberger was happy: “I had great jumps here, also in the training yesterday. And my new sponsor seem to bring me luck,” she said.

Besides Takanashi’s win, also the rest of the Japanese team had a very good result today. Ayumi Watase came fourth (88.5 and 87.0 m), and Yuki Ito sixth (85.0 and 85.5 m). The fifth place was taken by Germany’s Juliane Seyarth (84.5 and 87.0 m). Germany lost the chance to be the best team of the day, when Melanie Faisst was disqualified after the first round, because her skis were too long. Because of this, Faisst has also missed the opportunity to claim the third rank in the overall Continental Cup.

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