Takanashi best in second official training


Sara Takanashi performed best also in the second official training in Oslo on Wednesday.

The second official training for the World Championships was held today on the Midstubakken HS 106 in Oslo under snowy weather conditions. All teams have arrived there meanwhile, so except for Daniela Iraschko, who will make her first attempts to jump tomorrow, all competitors participated in this training. The sporting level was in general very high and a lot of nice jumps across the K-point were made.

In the first of the three training jumps, Japan’s Sara Takanashi (102.5 m), Italy’s Elena Runggaldier (100.5 m) and Germany’s Melanie Faisst (98.0 m) were best. Also in the second training round Takanashi was best by jumping again 102.5 meters. Germany’s Juliane Seyfarth (99.5 m) and France’s Coline Mattel (100.5 m) followed right behind her. Despite Mattel jumped a little further then Seyfarth, she scored less points for her jump due to the wind compensation rule.

The influence of the wind rule became clearly visible in the third training round. In this one Takanashi and Norway’s Anette Sagen both jumped 101.0 meters. But as she got a lot of points subtracted, Sagen had only the sixth highest sore of the round, while Takanashi was second. Best in that round was Mattel, who jumped on 100.5 meters. Third most points got the defending champion, Americas Lindsey Van for her jump on 97.5 meters. Faisst and Runggaldier both jumped 99.0 in this third attempt, but also lost some points due to wind compensation.

A third official training will be held tomorrow at 3:00 pm.

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