Iraschko reports back in third training


Daniela Iraschko performed best in today’s third official training, Sara Takanashi made the longest jump of the day.

The final official training for the World Championships was held today in the afternoon in Oslo. The performance of all athletes was again on a very high level, so we all can look forward to a very exciting and high-class competition tomorrow.

Austria’s Daniela Iraschko, who skipped the previous trainings because of the knee injury she had suffered two weeks ago, was finally able to jump today and performed very strong. She had no pain while jumping, and will be able to compete tomorrow, if the injury does not get worse overnight. Her team-mate Jacqueline Seifriedsberger skipped today’s training, as she was not feeling well, but also she should be able to participate in tomorrow’s competition.

Best in the first training round was Japan’s Sara Takanashi. Her jump on 103.0 meters was the longest of the day. She finished training after this attempt. Despite America’s Lindsey Van and Germany’s Melanie Faisst both jumped 96.0 meters, Iraschko got the second highest score for her jump on 94.0 meters, because she got gate compensation points added due to a shorter inrun.

Also in the other two jumps Iraschko had a shortened inrun. Her second jump on 96.0 meters brought her the most points of the round, while Faisst made the longest jump (98.5 m). Also Slovenia’s Maja Vtic (98.0m) and the Germans Ulrike Grässler (98.0 m) and Juliane Seyfarth (97.0 m) made a very long second jump. In the final third round, again Iraschko was best with a jump on 102.5 meters. France’s Coline Mattel was second of the round (98.0 m), Seyfarth third (97.0).

The competition tomorrow at 3:00 pm local time will be broadcast throughout Europe on Eurosport as well as on several national TV stations.

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