The dream came true – we are Olympic!


The IOC has added Ladies Skijumping to the Olympic programme.

The dream of all female jumpers has come true. Ladies Skijumping is added to the Olympic Winter Games programme in Sochi! The IOC made this decision today on it’s meeting in London. Also ski half-pipe, biathlon mixed relay, figure skating team and luge team are included to the Olympic programme.

The decision to include the new events was based on a report presented by the Olympic Programme Commission (OPC) to the IOC Executive Board in Acapulco in October last year. The OPC compiled a detailed analysis of all candidate events at their world championships this winter. After the Ladies Skijumping World Championships in Oslo, IOC vice Vice President Gunilla Lindberg already made some assertive remarks on Ladies Skijumping at Olympics.

“The inclusion of these events on the Olympic Winter Games programme is sure to be appreciated by athletes and sports fans alike,” said IOC President Jacques Rogge on “These are exciting, entertaining events that perfectly complement the existing events on the sports programme, bring added appeal and increase the number of women participating at the Games. I look forward to watching the athletes compete in these events in Sochi 2014.”

There were several tries in vein by female ski jumpers to make their sport Olympic in the past, such as a gender-discrimination based lawsuit or an open letter to Rogge. That they finally achieved their goal made female ski jumpers from all over the world just happy. has caught some first reactions by ski jumpers:

Vladena Pustkova (CZE): “I am really happy, some journalists have already called me and I must repeat again and again how awesome it is!”

Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT): “I think that all jumpers will say, that a big dream we all shared came true. It is just awesome that we finally made it.”

Jenna Mohr (GER): “I already started celebrating. I cannot describe it, I am totally mouth-open and close to tears. I am happy, that this fight paid off.”

Abby Hughes (USA): “It doesn’t feel real yet. We can finally say we are training for the Olympics. We have all the same levels of competition as the men. Its amazing to feel equal.”

Wendy Vuik (NED): “For sure I still need to qualify for it, but I am confident…”

Melanie Faisst (GER): “This decision is simply awesome. Finally a dream came true for us, because every athlete is dreaming of the Olympics. I am just happy at the moment and I just would love to make a big party together with the other girls now.”