Anna Haefele is German Champion


Anna Häfele won the German Championships in Meinerzhagen ahead of Melanie Faisst and Katharina Althaus.

The German Championships were held in Meinerzhagen on Saturday. The K62 hill there, where many international Ladies competition were held in the past, was chosen as venue for these Championships, as the local ski club is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this year.

Anna Häfele won the Championships with a pair of jumps on 63.0 and 64.5 meters. It is her first national title after already finishing third in 2007, when the Championships were also held in Meinerzhagen. Second came Melanie Faisst (64.5 and 63.5 m), who jumped a little further than Häfele, but got slightly lower judges points for her jumps. Katharina Althaus, best German in this summer’s Continental Cup, came third with jumps on 62.5 and 60.5 meters.

Carina Vogt (61.5 and 57.5 m), Juliane Seyfarth (59.0 and 58.5 m) and Ramona Straub (59.0 and 58.5 m) claimed places four to six. Defending champion Anna Rupprecht took the seventh place (57.5 and 55.5 m). In total 21 competitors attended these national championships.

Germany’s top jumpers Ulrike Grässler and Jenna Mohr did not participate in the competition, as Grässler recently underwent a tooth surgery and Mohr is in a phase of training.

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