Sara Takanashi wins in Poehla


Sara Takanashi won the FIS-Race in Pöhla ahead of Ayumi Watase and Katharina Althaus.

On Wednesday evening a FIS-Race was held on the HS 66 in Pöhla. Together with the Continental Cups in Bischofsgrün and Oberwiesenthal this competition forms the German Summer Tour. Many national teams, such as Italy, Slovenia or Germany attended this competition with junior athletes only, while their more experienced jumpers went to Klingenthal or Oberwiesenthal for some training jumps on larger hills instead.

Japan’s Sara Takanashi won the competition with two jumps on 62.0 and 65.0 meters. Second came her team-mate Ayumi Watase (62.5 and 64.5 m). Third came Germany’s Katharina Althaus (61.5 and 64.0 m). Ranks four to six were taken by Ema Klinec (SLO, 59.0 and 61.5 m), Lea Lemare (FRA, 58.0 and 62.5 m) and Ramona Straub (GER, 57.5 and 60.5 m).


With this win Takanashi is now also leading in the German Summer Tour, she has 729.6 points. Second in this ranking is Althaus (699.7), third Watase (695.9). France’s Coline Mattel, who was still leading after the first two competitions in Bischofsgrün did not compete in Pöhla.

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