Rainy weather in Oberwiesenthal


Daniela Iraschko and Coline Mattel were best in the official training in Oberwiesenthal.

It was raining in Oberwiesenthal during the official training this morning. Especially in the first training round the rain was very heavy. Many athletes were struggling with these conditions, so the average distance of this round was below the usual average. Only a few athletes were able to make rather well jumps in spite of the conditions. Best of them was Austria’s Daniela Iraschko, who jumped 94.5 meters in this first round.

During the second training round the rain became weaker and finally stopped, right before the last 15 athletes made their jumps. Immediately all jumps were clearly further. Best in this second round was Continental Cup leader Coline Mattel, who jumped 100.5 meters. Second best was Iraschko, who jumped 96.5 meters this time, but it has to be considered, that Iraschko jumped when it was still raining, as this is her first CoC in this summer. Slovenia’s Ema Klinec jumped the same distance, but of course when the weather conditions were already fine. Her team-mate Eva Logar was only slightly behind (95.0 m).

The weather forecast for the afternoon is promising, so we can hope to see a nice competition.

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