Seifriedsberger commanding winner in Oberwiesenthal


Jacqueline Seifriedsberger wins on Friday ahead of Lea Lemare and Daniela Iraschko.

Obviously it was not the most equal competition today. After there was heavy rain in the morning during the official training, today’s competition was clearly influenced by changing winds. A handful of number of jumpers was able to use the good conditions they had, but even more had to fight the winds and so did not have a chance. “We also could throw coins today”, said Germany’s Juliane Seyfarth. But for sure also in this competition a good jump was required, to turn good conditions into a long distance.

Despite it was a wind-influenced competition, the result is one of the most interesting ones in the last few years. Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, who was already victorious in Oberwiesenthal in the last year, won with a pair of jumps on 93.0 and 99.5 meters. “Before this competition I did not know what I can achieve. I have started my training just a few weeks a go, as I was doing my military service this spring. I knew from my results in the last years, that this hill fits me, so I hoped to do well. I know that this competition was not fair for everybody and I think the conditions at my jumps were not the worst. But I think this will be compensated in the course of the season”, she said to

The remarkable part of today’s result was written by the French team. Normally only Coline Mattel makes it to the top six, while her team-mates Lea Lemare and Julia Clair fight to see the second round. But today was Mattel was worst of the team – on the sixth rank. With jumps on 97.5 and 95.0 meters, Lemare came second in today’s competition. “Actually I cannot explain that, but i think it was not only the wind, also my jumping was very well today. When I woke up this morning I did not even dream of the podium”, she said to Austria’s Daniela Iraschko, who was still in a comfortable lead after the first round (101.0 m), had very bad conditions at her second jump (91.5 m) and so fell back to the third rank. It was obvious, that she was very disappointed after this jump. “I better say nothing about this competition”, she said.

The fourth rank took another French, Julia Clair. She jumped on 95.5 and 93.5 meters. “I am very happy with my team’s performance. This is a 100% result for us. This is very important for our minds. I think Lea and Julia had the luck on their side. Coline had very bad conditions, like so many others.” said French head coach Jacques Gaillard to Fifth came Slovenia’s Ema Klinec (95.0 and 92.0 m). The top six were completed by Mattel, who jumped 94.5 and 95.5 meters. After landing her second jump, she fell in the outrun. Luckily she was not injured at this crash but lost a number of precious judges points.

In the overall Continental Cup Mattel has now 390 points, second ranked Sara Takanashi (JPN), who came eigth today, has 296 points. With 941.6 points, Takanashi is still leading in the German Summer Tour, ahead of her team-mate Ayumi Watase (909.9).

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