Svenja Wuerth broke her arm


Svenja Würth broke her right arm’s ulna at the Continental Cup in Oberwiesenthal on Saturday.

Unlike at most other hills, the outrun at the hill in Oberwiesenthal is not overgrown with grass, but is covered with artificial lawn. On Saturday this fabric had some spots, that were drier then the surrounding parts. As the skis were slowed down suddenly at these dry spots, almost all jumpers struggled to avoid a fall there and many of them tumbled.

Also Germany’s Svenja Würth, who celebrated her 18th birthday that day, suffered a fall there after her jump in the second round. This fall did not look grave, but Würth landed unhappily on her right hand and so broke her ulna. She went to hospital still on Saturday night, where this diagnosis was made. “Looks like this wasn’t my summer. At least I will now always remember my 18th birthday”, she said with a grim sense of humor to

She has to wear a splint to immobilize the arm presumably for the next four weeks. Würth had restarted jumping only one month ago after curing a knee injury. wishes her a speedy recovery.