Trondheim: Jaci Seifriedsberger best in official training


Jacqueline Seifriedsberger outperformed all opposition in Trondheim’s official training.

The final competitions of this summer’s Continental Cup are held this weekend in Trondheim. Today two official training rounds were held on the K90 there. With jumps on 101 and 103 meters Austria’s Jacqueline Seifriedsberger clearly performed best in this training. “I like the hill here, but I am a little surprised, that my jumping works so well. Maybe my time at the army was not the worst preparation. I hope that I will jump also well tomorrow”, she said to

Several other jumpers also had far jumps and more then a handful was able to jump across the K-point. Nevertheless they all were far behind Seifriedsberger. The best of them were Daniela Iraschko (98 and 95.5 m), Coline Mattel (93 and 96 m), Maja Vtic (95.5 and 94 m), Anna Rupprecht (94 and 95 m) and Jessica Jerome (94.5 and 93.5 m).

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