Report: New jumping suits for ladies

Archives took a closer look at the new jumping suit design.

Before the summer season, new jumping suits for ladies were introduced. As the summer was a transitional phase, both suit types, new and old, were allowed in international competitions. In the upcoming winter, only the new suits will be permitted. took a closer look at those new suits:

Until two years ago, the jumping suits for males and females were almost equal. In 2009, to allow for a better fitting, additional vertical seams were added to the upper parts of the ladies jumping suits. As the female physique is different to that of a male in the abdominal region as well, these seams were now extended down to the knee. So two slightly curved parts are created on the sides of the suit. The waist seam, that went round the whole torso at the old suits, is broken by these new side parts. The new seam between the front and the legs is not placed horizontally anymore, but turns upwards from the end of the zipper and so forms a triangular shape.

The new pattern does not enlarge the surface of the suits, so the aerodynamic properties remain the same. Also the distances and tolerances were not altered. So the benefit of the new suits is most of all an easier fitting and for that reason the wearing comfort is increased. FIS Continental Cup coordinator Chika Yoshida, who is responsible for the material control at the competitions, told that there have not been any problems with the new suit design during the summer.