Austrian team in the wind tunnel


The Austrian team absolved a special training unit in a wind tunnel.

The Austrian ladies team absolved a special training unit in the climate wind tunnel of RTA Rail Tech Arsenal in Vienna. The team wants to make an extraordinary well preparation for the upcoming first Ladies World Cup season, so not only the top athletes Daniela Iraschko and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger participated in this training, also the junior squad joined in.

The girls spent a whole day there to optimize flight capacity, takeoff and inrun position, but the focus was on optimizing flight position and testing material. The advantage of the wind tunnel is evident. There a jumper has up to three minutes time to fly, while a jump on the hill only takes six seconds. All the time the coaches are able to monitor the athletes and give instructions.

Head coach Harald Rodlauer: “It is our primary goal for the upcoming winter to win the overall World Cup. After optimal preparations during the summer, we are really looking forward to the first competitions in December.”

ÖSV ladies coordinator Gerald Daringer: “We always work very hard to crate ideal preconditions for our athletes. There is a tremendous organizational and financial effort behind the training units here in the wind tunnel. I would particularly like to thank Rail Tech Arsenal for their involvement.”

Daniela Iraschko: “The wind tunnel shows us where we still can improve. The changes at the ski bindings brought up some questions, that we can answer here. I also found some details at my suit that i can optimize.”

Jacqueline Seifriedsberger: “My rhthm and my jumping is very well right now. The simulations here in the climate wind tunnel were also promising. It is helpful, that the coach practically jumps with you and you have minutes of time to find your position. But in the evening you know what you have done, so muscle ache the next day seems to be programmed.”

The climate wind tunnel Vienna of RTA Rail Tech Arsenal is in use since January 1st 2003 in Vienna-Floridsdorf. In the large facility all weather conditions can be created at the flick of a switch – from arctic cold with real snow and minus 50 degrees through tropical storms with plus 60 degrees Celsius. In two climate rooms (31 and 100 meter long) wind speeds up to 300 km/h can be created. With 25 megawatts the climate wind tunnel needs as much energy as a town with 3000 residents. Usually rail vehicles, buses, trucks and cars are tested there.