Team check: Norway


Ahead of the first World Cup season takes a close look at all national teams. Today we continue this series with Norway.

Since the summer 2010 the performance of Norway’s superstar and former serial winner (42 CoC wins) Anette Sagen has become uneven and totally unpredictable. There were competitions where she barely made it to the second round, and others where she made it to the top ten. Who knows, maybe she will be back this winter in old strength?

Line Jahr constantly made it to the top ten for many years. But in the last winter she jumped with some ups and downs. Nevertheless she should be able to take places among the best twenty at all competitions and even make it to the top ten now and then.

Also Maren Lundby should be constantly among the top twenty. She scratched the top ten several times in the past, so it is just a matter of time, when she will finish a competition as one of the bests.

Gyda Enger, Silje Sprakehaug and Jenny Synnøve Hagemoen are all usually fighting to see the second round. Especially Enger has accomplished this goal quite often in the last season and so we can expect her to do likewise this winter. But also Sprakehaug showed already in the past, that she can make it even to the top twenty on a good day.