Team check: Netherlands


Ahead of the first World Cup season takes a close look at all national teams. Today the Dutch team is in the focus.

The Dutch team is only made up of two jumpers:

Wendy Vuik had a handful of good results in the past. Her best career result was an 11th rank in Ramsau last winter. Despite she jumped not so strong this summer, she should be able to make it to the second round in most competitions. On a good day she can even make it to the top 20.

Lara Thomae‘s last winter was totally screwed up. After some falls and bad results, she aborted the season right before the Junior World Championships. This summer she restarted jumping. Unfortunately she did not make any Continental Cup points, so she is not allowed to start at the World Cup. But of course she has the chance to qualify at the CoCs early this winter.