Two World Cups in Hinterzarten


The cancelled World Cup from Schonach-Schönwald will be replaced in Hinterzarten.

The World Cup competition that was originally planned to be held on Friday in Schonach-Schönwald, but had to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, has been rescheduled in Hinterzarten. There the competition will be held on Saturday (January 7th) at 9:45. On Sunday a second World Cup will be held in Hinterzarten, as originally planned.


Saturday, 2012-01-07
08.00 h – Official training (HS108)
09.00 h – Trial round (HS108)
09.45 h – First round (HS108)
10.45 h – Final round (HS108)

20.15 h – Team Presentation (Kurhaus)

Sunday, 2012-01-08
13.00 h – Trial round (HS108)
14.00 h – First round (HS108)
10.45 h – Final round (HS108)