Sabrina Windmueller surprise winner in Hinterzarten


Sabrina Windmüller won in Hinterzarten ahead of Lindsey Van and Lisa Demetz.

It was pretty warm during the week in Germany, but the winter reported back right for the weekend. Already on Friday there was heavy snowfall in the Hinterzarten area. So the landscape around was covered by snow and the hill was well prepared. Unfortunately it was also snowing during today’s competition. That alone would not have been a big problem, but also the wind played it’s little game today. Because of these difficult weather conditions there were several breaks in the competition.

In the morning at 8 o’clock one training round was held. After that the competition started immediately, but due to the interruptions the first round was not finished before 11 o’clock. A final round was eventually started, but cancelled after a handful of competitors and even more breaks, as the wind got stronger and stronger. So only the score of one round counted for today’s result. The jury and many helpers did anything to make the competition as fair as possible, but in the end the result was a little surprising.

Winner of the competition came Switzerland’s Sabrina Windmüller with a jump on 100.0 meters. This is not only her first World Cup win, it is also her first win of an international competition. “I felt very good from the very beginning on today. I had to get up early, but I was totally happy, that it was possible to have a World Cup – after Schonach was cancelled. That pushed m< motivation”, she said.

Second with a jump on 94.0 meters came America’s Lindsey Van. As she did not compete in Lillehammer in December, this was her first World Cup start ever. “My ankle is fine again, but I was sick last month and I also donated bone marrow some weeks ago. I had some good training jumps, but I was not able to train much. So I did not expect anything, but now I am happy“ she said.

Third came Italy’s Lisa Demetz. She had some upwind at her 97.5 meter jump and so lost some points due to the wind compensation rule. “I had a good feeling today. I always like it to jump here”, she said.

Ranks four to six were taken by Maja Vtic (SLO, 94,5 m), Svenja Würth (GER 94.0 m) and Evelyn Insam (ITA, 94.0 m). With the results of Demetz and Insam Italy had the best result as a team today. But also the performance of the French team, that brought Coline Mattel and Julia Clair on seven and eight, is remarkable. The hosting nation Germany had eight of it’s 12 competitors among the top 30.

In the overall World Cup America’s Sarah Hendrickson, who came 9th today, is still in the lead with 129 points. Second is Mattel (116 p), third today’s winner Windmüller with 100 points.

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