Hinterzarten: Victory for Sarah Hendrickson


Sarah Hendrickson won the World Cup in Hinterzarten on Sunday ahead of Sara Takanashi and Jessica Jerome.

The weather conditions in Hinterzarten were way better today then yesterday. There was still some snowfall and also the wind was not totally calm – but below the line it was a really nice and fair competition today. Most jumpers were able to jump under headwind conditions, only a handful had to fight tailwind, and so there were a lot of nice and far jumps.

Commanding winner or the competition came America’s Sarah Hendrickson. The 17-year old, who had already won the inaugural World Cup in Lillehammer last month, jumped on 107.5 and 104.5 meters. Finally she was more then 30 points ahead of second ranked Sara Takanashi (Japan). “The wind was a little more consistent then yesterday, so it was a mostly fair and nice competition today”, Hendrickson said.

A pair of jumps on 100.5 and 99.5 meters was sufficient for Takanashi to take the second place. “Yesterday I was not in the best condition, it was a little hard to move my body. Today I felt better better because I was able to move fully again,” she said.

The third rank was taken by another American, Jessica Jerome. She jumped twice on 101.0 meters. “My jumping has been inconsistent and the most important thing for me in a competition is to put two jumps together, and I did that today”, she said. Lindsey Van on the seventh rank (94 and 93.5 m) completed the great result of the US-team.

Ranks four and five were taken by Norway’s Anette Sagen (100 and 97 m) and Austria’s Daniela Iraschko (94 and 98 m). Slovenia’s Katja Pozun came sixth (94.5 and 97.5). Also the hosting nation Germany was able to place two jumpers in the top ten. Ulrike Grässler (97.5 and 92.5 m) came eighth ahead of Melanie Faisst (95 and 91.5 m).

Germany’s Anna Rupprecht gave the 450 spectators at the hill a real scare, when she fell forwards after landing her 84 meter jump in the first round. Luckily she was able to stand up after some seconds. A final diagnosis will be made in the next days, but at the moment it looks like she has suffered an injured ligament in her right ankle.

Yesterday’s winner Sabrina Windmüller (SUI) was unable to compete today. She had to return home yesterday in the evening, because she has to enter a university class that could not be postponed.

With today’s victory Hendrickson extended her lead in the overall World Cup. She has now 229 points. Second is France’s Coline Mattel (11th today) with 140 points. Takanashi is third (139 p.). Hendrickson commented on her lead: “To win just one World Cup is very hard, to win the overall Cup is even harder. At this point it is definitely a goal, but anything can happen. We still have 11 competitions to go.”

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