Predazzo: Hendrickson wins also on Sunday


Sarah Hendrickson wins World Cup in Predazzo ahead of Daniela Iraschko and Ulrike Grässler.

America’s Sarah Hendrickson won also the second World Cup in Predazzo / Val di Fiemme. After jumping already 104.5 meters in the first round, she jumped even 108.0 meters in the second round. That was not only the farthest jump of the weekend, but is also a new hill record – for both, ladies and men, as the men’s record is “only” 107.5 meters (Adam Malysz 2003). “Tomorrow we have a day off, I want to go alpine skiing. Then we will go to Zakopane for the CoC, then Hinzenbach and Ljubno and then I go to the Junior Worlds”, she said to Being asked about spending the whole winter in Europe she replied: “It is definitely a challenging thing to be away for such a long time. The Europeans can go home to their families for some days between the competitions, but we are around with the team all the time and do just sports. You have to stay mentally strong.”

Second came Daniela Iraschko (AUT) with a pair of jumps on 96.5 and 105.5 meters. “Catching Sarah up in the overall World Cup seems to be difficult. But she is not unbeatable in a sole competition. I know I can do it, because my jumping has become more constant and I have again fun doing it. But I have to say, that it is just nice to watch Sarah. She is still young, so it will also be interesting to watch her development.” she said to

Third came Germany’s Ulrike Grässler with jumps on 100.0 and 98.0 meters. “I am totally happy with that result. My jumps have been very constant in the last weeks. That third place today feels like a victory, because Danie and Sarah are a class of their own at the moment”, she said to

Also the ranks four to six were taken by jumpers from Austria, Germany and USA. Fourth came Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (101.5 and 96.5 m), fifth Melanie Faisst (98.0 and 95.0 m) and sixth Lindsey Van (94.0 and 97.0 m). In general it was a very high-class competition today, that was held under calm weather and wind conditions.

In the overall World Cup Hendrickson has now 429 points, second Iraschko has 273 and third Van 206. The next World Cup competitions will be held in Hinzenbach on February 4th.

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