Courchevel: Austrian ladies best in official training


Jacqueline Seifriedsberger and Daniela Iraschko jumped best in the official training for the mixed team event toningt.

The two Austrian girls, that will compete in tonight’s mixed team competition, performed really strong in the official training that was held this morning. A 95.0 meter jump in the first training round by Jacqueline Seifriedsberger was the farthest one of this training. But due to wind and gate factors she got slightly less points for this jump, as her team-mate Daniela Iraschko got for her 92.5 meters. After these fine jumps both skipped the second training round. Although the two ladies jumped very strong in this training, it is doubtful that Austria will win this first mixed team event hands down. David Zauner and Michael Hayböck, that will compete together with them, only jumped average distances in the men’s training.

Better chances to win it seems to have the Japanese team. After a very strong performance by Noriaki Kasai and Yuta Watase in the men’s training, also the girls did not show any weakness. Sara Takanashi jumped twice 90.0 meters. Gate and wind adjusted this meant the third and the first place of the training rounds. Yuki Ito jumped even a bit further, 91.5 meters in both rounds. As she had way more inrun then Takanashi this helped her in the first round to take a fourth place, in the second she was tenth.

An absolute surprise was the jump of Alexandra Pretorius in the second training round. For her 91.0 meters the young Canadian got 56.6 points and so shared the first round rank with Takanashi. Noteworthy is also the second jump of Slovenia’s Maja Vtic. She had a nice breeze of headwind when jumping 94.5 meters and so shared the third place of this round with France’s Coline Mattel, who jumped 92.0. Not only Mattel, also the second French Julia Clair (91.5 and 90.0 m) jumped strong. So we can expect that at least the girls of the French team will excite the spectators in their own country.

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