Courchevel: Japan wins mixed team event


Japan won the launching mixed team competition in Courchevel ahead of Germany and Austria.

The result of the first mixed team competition, that was held today in the evening in Courchevel, was extraordinarily close. Only 2.4 points were between the first and the third place. How close this result was gets evident when one considers the fact, that eight jumps per team were scored and these 2.4 points are the equivalent of only 1.2 meters.

In the end Japan was slightly in front, with a total score of 930.8 points. All members of the four-strong team jumped very consistent, so they just have to be seen as the perfect team of the day.
* Yuki Ito (88.0 and 88.5 m)
* Sara Takanashi (90.5 and 90.0 m)
* Noriaki Kasai (84.0 and 87.5 m)
* Yuta Watase (91.5 and 90.0 m)

Sara Takanashi: “I am so happy about this victory right now. The wind conditions were a bit tricky, but I managed to handle that. It is a nice feeling to stand on top of the podium at the very first mixed team competition.”
Noriaki Kasai: “Even if we won this competition today, I am not totally satisfied because my jumps were not that good. Anyway it is great to be the winner on a day when such a new competition format takes place.”

On the second rank came the German team with a total score of 928.9 points. A very strong second jump of 95.0 meters by Pascal Bodmer in the second round helped to compensate the 84.5 meter blunder by Ulrike Grässler in the first.
* Katharina Althaus (89.0 and 87.5 m)
* Ulrike Grässler (84.5 and 86.0 m)
* Pascal Bodmer (88.5 and 95.0 m)
* Andreas Wank (92.5 and 89.0 m)

Pascal Bodmer: “That was a special competition today but we had fun. Of course it’s a team event but everyone of us has to jump on this own. In my opinion this is a really interesting format.”
Ulrike Graessler: “It was nice to jump together with the men in one team. We are friends, we train together and this time we were allowed to compete together. That was cool and we are happy about our result today.”

The Austrian team, that was still in the lead after the first round, came third with 928.4 points. Especially Jacqueline Seifriedsberger jumped very strong. With 94.0 meters in both rounds she was not only the best lady today, but also the most consistent jumper of the entire competition, despite the fact that Bodmers second jump of 95.0 meters was further.
* Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (94.0 m and 94.0 m)
* Daniela Iraschko (91.5 and 89.0 m)
* David Zauner (83.0 and 84.0 m)
* Michael Hayböck (90.0 and 88.5 m)

Jacqueline Seifriedsberger: “It was really great to compete in this first mixed team competition! Finishing on the third place is a good result for us. I’m very satisfied with my jumps today. Now let’s see what will happen at the individual event tomorrow.”
David Zauner: “This first mixed team event was very funny! I think it’s a good competition format for the future and for our sport. Unfortunately I did a really bad jump in the second round and we lost a lot of points. But I’m happy right now and I like Courchevel. Three years ago I achieved my first place on the podium here. All the people here like ski jumping, so I love to come back again!’

Forth came Norway with 889.4 points. The United States, with a noteworthy 94.0 meter jump by Jessica Jerome in the second, took the fifth rank with 872,3 points and Italy came sixth with 868.8 points. France, Switzerland and Slovenia followed behind them. Russia, the Czech Republic, Finland and Canada missed the second round.

Full results can be found here: